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by Peter Østerkryger Larsen on October 25, 2016

In build 354 the "Build" panels sometimes acts funny. If I select a component in a package and then "Build" the UI seems to work even for the missing underscore N on "Next" button. Pressing Alt+N does get me to next page and B/N now gets the underscore. Going back with Alt+B send me to page one again and this time the underscore for N are present.

Page one is a mystery for me. I have never changes anything on that (Package and Type) why should I? If the two fields are neccessary they could go to page two and drop a page.

On page two you have a grid-control but if only oine program are selected for build in the first palce, this list of course has one row. Please drop it and go to next page.

Regards Peter

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