How to get json listing from SBM JSON Report in SBM 11.1 and above



SBM Aurora (11.1) had introduced authentication with both javascript and json.  The old method of using the embedded report reference link (tmtrack.dll?ReportPage&template=reports%2Fjsonlist.htm&ReportRef=TRM_DEPLOYMENT_PATHS.Deployment.Paths.By.ReleaseType.and.Applications&HasRuntimeParams=1&") does not work.




The current documentation (json_api_guide.pdf) example is not clear on the usage.  Use the new json api




JSON_P1 refers to the display name of the database table

JSON_P2 refers to the Reference Name of the Report (Not Reference Link)

Parameters such as F_TS_RLM_APPLICATIONS are located behind

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Dimensions Make (DM_MAKE)

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